Human potential development as the basis for a flourishing life

The development of human potential is the basis for a prosperous life - for us as individuals as well as for the togetherness in a thriving society and in flourishing companies.


These are ways of development of human potential:

  • our perception of ourselves as an inseparable unit of body, mind and soul
  • a drawing from the treasures of culture
  • inspiration and creative expression
  • reflection
  • authentic communication

Find Your Voice and Flourish

Our voice is a special gift of life. Not only for professional singers, but for everybody. Your voice shows how you feel at the moment and who you are. Enfolding your voice enables you to find inner harmony and balance and to get in tune with life. It encourages you to speak up wherever it is necessary for you, for others or for important issues.


Enfold your voice. Start in a private room, hidden from the ears of others. Dont't be anxious. Just try. Be curious and bold.  Don't criticize yourself. Avoid any expectation. Just feel and listen to what comes out of you.

Express your current mood and stay within. After a while you will hear and feel that something changes inside of you and in the sound of your voice.  Good mood will be more intensive. And sadness or anger will transform.

Over time positive vibe and your personal charisma will develop.


Let me take you by the hand, if you want. In my new book you can find a lot of easy and joyful exercises to find your voice, to gain confidence and a better sense of self.

Just: to flourish.


Music as an elixir of life

Music can be an "elixir of life" - a kind of magic potion that gives us (life) strength. It is exciting and personally enriching to try out new or unusual ways of experiencing music, to go new ways of hearing and listening, to be moved and touched by music and to experience interesting things.


Currently I am studying Music Education (master degree), searching for and exploring various ways how music can enrich personal and community life. Music as a bridge between humans, different cultures and generations. Music as a path to finding oneself.


book-cover The Little Book of Speaking Up
book-cover The Little Book of Speaking Up

A charming, down-to-earth compendium of easy vocal exercises to help us listen deeply and develop a better sense of self


Just like a musical instrument, our bodies can go out of tune. When our inner harmony is blocked by stress or insecurity, it can affect one of the most essential parts of who we are: our voice. In The Little Book of Speaking Up, music teacher and breath therapist Jutta Ritschel builds on years of experience to teach readers how to relax their bodies and support their breathing, helping their voice become livelier and more resilient. With fifty-plus five-minute exercises—such as tongue twisters and even singing—this book asks and answers questions that include:

  • How do we use our voice in everyday situations?
  • Can a healthy voice improve our mood?
  • How do we maintain clarity and confidence when we’re tired or burned out?
  • In what ways can we improve our voice under pressure?

These simple daily exercises will help anyone develop better resonance, tone, clarity—and confidence!

The Experiment Publishing New York                                                                            

ISBN-13: 978-1615196067

October 15, 2019                                               Here is the link to the book's page



“[Ritschel offers] physical practices meant to strengthen voice in her brief, snappy debut. The approachable style is complemented by colorful, lively illustrations. Ritschel’s exercises and prompts will provide helpful ways to facilitate expression for all members of a family.”—Publishers Weekly

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For decades I have been fascinated by the observation that seemingly completely different levels and areas of life are interwoven. I like to explore this topic day and night and tirelessly. Why do I love it? Here an infinite wisdom and depth can be experienced, of which we human beings are a part and which also works through us. To immerse yourself here helps to discover the essential and to be filled with wonder, even if it can never be fully grasped. When we engage in this search, it changes ourselves and our interpersonal and social togetherness.

photograph Jutta Ritschel
photograph Jutta Ritschel


Jutta Ritschel is a music teacher, a breath therapist, an author and a passionate ensemble singer.

She teaches Elementary Music Education and breathwork at the Leopold Mozart Centre for Music and Music Education at the University of Augsburg, Germany, and also gives private lessons, talks and workshops. She draws on the wealth of artistic and educational experience she has gained in more than 30 years.


Here is my Curriculum Vitae