Free Your Breath – Free Your Life

How breathwork can make you feel at ease and more self-confident.


Diesen Artikel habe ich auf der Online-Plattform Medium veröffentlicht (deshalb ist er in englischer Sprache verfasst).


The Way You Breathe shows how you live your Life


The start into a more mindful life


The interaction between breath and emotion


It's not about breathing techniques. It's about allowing and letting happen.


The three phases of breathing


The gifts of the third phase of breathing

Experiencing the three phases of breathing, especially the third one — the pause —, we can be richly endowed. We can draw inner and outer peace, serenity, energy, strength, self-consciousness, and self-confidence. And this will influence our surrounding, too.

Awareness instead of optimization constraint


How to begin


Create a daily ritual


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